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spider-monkey-logo-200SCOTT COSGROVE began his professional rigging career during a television commercial for McDonald’s where he utilized his climbing skills for a complicated mountain rigging set-up. As a stagehand in Las Vegas, the glimmer of the concept of Spider Monkey Rigging began to form as Scott worked with Local 401 climbing into the rafters of arenas and convention centers, hanging chain motors and truss for trade shows and sporting events.

Further refining his aerial rigging techniques and skills at Cablecam in Los Angeles, Scott worked as an experienced and specialized rigger, suspending cameras at venues and stages, utilizing customized proven motion control software to remotely pilot the cameras through space for the motion picture industry. Working as part of a team on the innovative development of four different three-dimensional camera flying systems for the motion picture industry, garnered him an Oscar, a Technical Achievement Award, from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2005.

home-rigging1Spider Monkey Rigging came full circle as Scott’s skills and innovative rigging became more in demand during the production of Hunger Games, Expendables 2, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which was shot not only in New York City but Iceland as well, Lone Survivor and RA One.

The aerial rigging field is of critical importance to today’s action/adventure film productions and a thorough grasp of the principles of aerial rigging, equipment and techniques is essential in order to insure the safety of the performers and crew members. Specialized skills in rigging and fabrication are mandatory and that’s what Scott Cosgrove and Spider Monkey Rigging bring to the table.

Spider Monkey Rigging is a DBA division of California Mountain Guides, Inc.


  Spider Monkey Rigging


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