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SCOTT COSGROVE began his career in 1987 as a stagehand, a rigging grip and a stunt rigger/performer, first working as a professional climber and guide. His first professional rigging job was for a McDonald’s television commercial and from there he continued working as feature talent for climbing commercials and did some modeling work.

Bushwhacked, Scott’s first feature film in 1994 for 20th Century Fox, found him employed by the production’s Special Effects Department as a Stunt Rigger and Special Effects Rigger. From these humble beginnings, he took a long and fundamental approach to his craft, working on all types of feature films, trade shows, television productions, and sport arena rigging.

As a member of Local 401 in Las Vegas, Scott became a stagehand, using his climbing skills to hang chain motors and truss for sporting events and trade shows. By 1999 Scott left Las Vegas and accepted a position with Cablecam (Local 80) in Los Angeles, where he flew motion picture cameras on cable systems, rigging four major motion pictures for Warner Bros., Universal Pictures and Buena Vista Pictures in his first year:  Troy, Van Helsing, Miracle on Ice, and Cat Woman.

Cablecam provides aerial shots that can’t be achieved with jibs and booms. Innovative and experienced riggers provide customized solutions to suspend a camera at a venue or stage, using proven motion control software to remotely pilot the camera platform through space. Scott and his crew developed and deployed four different three-dimensional flying systems, never before seen in the motion picture industry, for these features and as part of a team, became the recipient of an Oscar for aerial rigging, a Technical Achievement Award in 2005 from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

During his work on these films Scott’s talent was recognized by his peer group and he joined a stunt crew, ultimately receiving his SAG card for his dedication and hard work.

scott-cosgrove-on-locationAs time went by, Scott became more involved in stunt rigging, transitioning from flying cameras to flying humans on the set. He went on to rig and perform in more than 20 feature films, start to finish, executing and specializing in fighting wire work. His efforts led to both a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Taurus World Stunts Award for his work on the epic war film, 300.

Since 300, Scott has done rigging work on Hunger Games and GI Joe: Retaliation and has gone on to be the head rigger for many other films, including his most recent work for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Expendables 2, Lone Survivor and RA One, India’s largest production to date. He received an International Stunt/Action award for his work on RA One.

Scott’s rigging career has taken him worldwide where he has carried out lead rigging projects in far away and distant locales such as Russia, China, the Czech Republic, Malta, Bulgaria, and India, working hand-in-hand with foreign crews. Scott has developed a reputation for his focus on performer safety, and his ability to work not only as a lead rigger, but as a synchronous part of a team while under the leadership of others.

He is known for his ability to work closely with top talent, including, Sylvestor Stallone, Jennifer Lawrence, Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, Bruce Willis and many others. Scott is proud to have been part of the team that trained Jennifer Lawrence to climb in her first Hunger Games.

Because Scott has worked as a rigging and lighting grip, stagehand, stunt rigger/performer, has volunteered and worked on many Indy productions, and has even written movies, he understands all aspects of film making and proves to be a valuable commodity on any production. Scott’s abilities as both a mountain and rock climbing guide as well his intimate knowledge of both camera flying and stunt rigging, makes him a rare and respected individual in the rigging world.


Scott Cosgrove


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