Dave Griffith at...

Dave Griffith at...

DAVE GRIFFITH joined CMG in 1997 and immediately became a favorite amongst advisors, operators and students. He not only works as a professional climbing instructor, a technical climbing advisor, and a supervising rope access specialist, but as an entertainment industry stunt rigger and stuntman as well.

Having learned technical ropecraft at the age of 12, DGriff, as he’s known, climbed his first big wall at the age of 14. He has taught technical rock climbing for 20 years. He has to his credit over 3000+ hours of high scaling (rockfall mitigation) and brings an exceptional knowledge and application of heavy rigging operations and capabilities to the job at hand. Dave has nearly 40 ascents of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley and has established walls up to modern A4 in difficulty. He has climbed 5.13 on four continents and all types of rock. Dave has climbed big walls in the western hemisphere from Patagonia to Canada, some of the most notable being Torres del Paine in Patagonia, and the Bugaboos in Canada, as well as encountering difficult free climbs and boulder problems in France, Spain, India, England, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

DGriff is an extremely likable and amazing instructor and will always say that he knows a lot about climbing and not much about anything else. You can’t help but feel his positive energy and enthusiasm for climbing. His childhood friend, first climbing partner and DEVGRU operator, Lou Langlais was KIA in Afghanistan, which makes his work with the military even more meaningful. He’s a patriot, loves his country and has the utmost respect and admiration for all in the service of our military.

DGriff-north-america5In addition to working with California Mountain Guides, Dave’s also been with Joshua Tree Climbing School for the last 20 years as an instructor and was a member of YOSAR, Yosemite Search and Rescue team.

DGriff’s passion for and experience in the outdoors and, of course, his own personal flare makes him a valuable instructor and an invaluable partner in any high angle environment.