The Training

It would be an honor to share CMG’s instruction and methodology with your group.


  1. Proficiency with climbing and belay systems
  2. Formal instruction on building anchor systems and placing protection
  3. Instruction on multi-pitch climbing and belay changeover techniques
  4. Familiarization with aid climbing gear and its use
  5. Practical application of the above skills in a mountainous environment
  6. Improvised lead climbing techniques and procedures using non-standard climbing equipment and climbing using little or no gear
  7. Nighttime lead climbing utilizing NVGs and Special Ops load-bearing equipment and weapons
  8. Hauling tactical equipment and injured personnel using non-standard techniques, equipment and gear
  9. Knowledge of nuclear, biological and chemical environments as applied to climbing and mountain mission profile
  10. Specific route selection in order to maintain stealth, concealment, and to avoid detection
  11. Aid climbing using non-standard equipment and techniques
  12. Instruction to students for the ability to lead multi-pitch climbs with no prior experience while carrying tactical equipment
  13. Rappelling from 800-feet with one 120-foot rope
  14. Protection placement
  15. Hasty and traditional climbing harnesses
  16. Rope work (proper knots for different harnesses)
  17. Allowing students to lead multi-pitch climbs before the end of the course
  18. Improvement of all students at least by two skill levels if not more



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  • Cancellation received 30 days or more prior to commencement of the first travel day incurs no penalties.
  • Cancellation received between 29 days and 15 days prior to the commencement of the first travel day results in 50% of the total quoted cost of the trip.
  • Cancellation received 14 days or less prior to the commencement of the first travel day results in the total quoted cost of the trip.

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